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Rosser Home Inspections LLC

Serving the Upper Cumberland and surrounding areas!

How can we serve you?

Home Buyer’s Inspections

Buying your dream home is stressful enough. Let us come in and make sure your forever home is safe for you and your loved ones. Even the best looking home might have something that needs fixed.  This way we can give you an idea on what to budget for or negotiate when buying your dream home!

Sellers Pre-listing Inspection 

When selling your home we all know there might be some issues with our home. If you don’t identify issues, the buyer’s home inspector will and it could lead to reduces selling price or maybe delay selling if an expensive issue is found.  Let us come in and help shed light on some areas that be need touched up on to maximize the amount your home can sell for, so you can get into dream home!

Homeowners Maintenance Inspection 

When was the last time you was in your attic or crawl space? Normally no one goes in there unless there is major problem! So let us come in and identify issues that might cost 100 dollars to save you from spending 2000 dollars. It could happen overnight so please don’t wait! Let us help you keep your home safe, so that in the middle of night your not trying to find a solution.

Please call for pricing or to schedule an appointment 931-250-7034


Who We Are

Our Story

My name is Timothy Rosser.  I have lived in Cumberland county my whole life.  I have a beautiful wife and daughter which I love more than anything, which led my to start my home inspection business.  I have been in the construction and maintenance industry for 15 years now, and I just want to help potential home buyers and sellers know what could or not be wrong with your home. Your safety and investment is my number one priority.


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6004 War Club Drive
Crossville, TN


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